AFGC Range Rules

An updated list of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club Range Rules is located on the AFGC website. Of importance is Sections B &C : General Range Rules and Archery.

Archery Range Rules & Regulations

General Range Rules

  • All Sagittarius Archers, their guests and drop-in visitors must sign-in when using any range. Sign out is also required, with the exception of Wednesday evenings

  • Archers must shoot from the shooting line (Indoor range: the first red line with one foot either side)

  • No Cross Shooting. All archers must shoot at the target straight in front of them

  • Archers must wait for an all clear ("clear" or whistle) before collecting arrows

  • When retrieving arrows, approach the target from the side and make sure nobody is standing directly behind the nocks before pulling. Do not run towards the target. Failure to follow this rule may result in injury such as loosing an eye.

  • Archers are permitted to use three arrows per round

  • All arrows must be kept in a quiver or cone until everyone is back across the shooting line. ( Until no one is down range )


  • All targets must be shot with target points

  • Broad Heads are only to be used on specified targets on the outdoor range

  • Crossbows are permitted on all targets

  • Make sure your target is stationary. If it moves, it is not a target.

3D Range

  • 3D course is ONLY to be used by AFGC Members with a valid Sagittarius Archers membership.

Archery Wednesdays

  • Visitors are welcome to use the indoor and outdoor range from 7-9pm with their own equipment

  • Rented equipment is to ONLY be used indoors

  • Anyone under 18 years of age, must be supervised by an adult


For questions and clarification of the range rules, please inquire with Mark Porter or Darren Mulrooney.